Atomic Desk Clock With Backlight, Heat & Comfort Index

SKU: CL030054-BK-00-NA

$46.95 USD
  • HEAT & COMFORT INDEX:  Choose between a convenient, easy to read comfort or heat index
  • LARGE DISPLAY:  The large, highly legible display features the time, day, date, temperature, humidity and either the comfort or heat index; DISPLAY: Push button to light up display
  • BACKLIGHT:  Pressing the SNOOZE/LIGHT button triggers an amber backlight
  • ATOMIC:  This clock is self setting/adjusting using radio frequencies broadcast from NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock (Atomic feature only functions in North America)
  • ALARM WITH SNOOZE:  Features a progressive alarm with a conveniently placed SNOOZE button for easy access.

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Marathon's Atomic Backlit Desk Clock, with Heat & Comfort Index is part of Marathon's new elite line of clocks. Not only does it have the regular features you would expect to see in a clock (time, day and date), but it also features indoor temperature and humidity. You can also switch between a heat index and comfort index that depicts how current conditions compare to ideal conditions. This clock is perfect for an office setting where indoor conditions such as temperature and humidity can be linked to productivity.

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