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Moon Phase Digital Wall Clock


Moon Phase Digital Wall Clock White
Moon Phase Digital Wall Clock Black
Moon Phase Digital Wall Clock Graphite Grey
  • Features

  • MULTIPLE FEATURES – Our digital wall clock displays time, temperature (Celcius or Fahrenheit), calendar, and moon phases
  • MULTIPLE LANGUAGES – Day of the week is available in 7 languages- English, French, Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, and German
  • SNOOZE FUNCTION – Set up to three separate alarms with snooze function
  • EASY TO SET UP -  This clock can be freestanding or hung on the wall. This Clock comes with a pull over stand for table top.
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED – Required two AA batteries included


    Marathon's new digital wall clock with a built-in table stand is an elegant time piece with an abundance of features. In addition to the time, calendar and temperature, this clock also displays moon phases. The highly legible large time display can be viewed in 12 or 24 hours, the days of the week can be displayed in 7 languages (English, Dutch, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish & German), there are three separate alarms with snooze function and temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Easy to set up, this clock is perfect for any home, office or school environment.


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