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Bluetooth Panoramic Clock System


    • SELF SETTING/ADJUSTING: Automatically sets and adjusts time and date by connecting to free companion app installed on iOS or Android device
    • MULTIPLE DISPLAY MODES: Easily choose between multiple display modes from within Marathon Clock System app.
    • MULTIPLE ALARMS: Connect and control 5 separate customizable alarms on up to 5 clocks from within Marathon Clock System app.
    • TEMPERATURE & HUMIDITY: Records temperature and humidity, historical data is conveniently plotted in easy to read graph viewable in app.
    • TIMER: Set countdown timer from app.
    • Intended use: Field
    • Encapsulated tritium (Isotope H3) light sources are at each hour position on dial and on hour & minute hands
    • 316L high-impact stainless steel case with screw-down case back
    • Water resistant to 3ATM and dust proof
    • Each watch is numbered individually.
    • Includes nylon strap 16mm
    • Other strap options available in nylon and leather

    Product Details

    • MOVEMENT: High-torque Quartz
    • LUMINOUS FEATURES: Tritium gas tubes
    • DIMENSIONS: 39mm Diameter / 11mm thickness
    • STRAP: 16mm black nylon
    • CALENDAR: Date

    The Marathon Bluetooth Panoramic Clock System is the next step in clock technology. Our Bluetooth enabled clocks utilize cutting edge Bluetooth Smart Technology to provide a brand new, connected and intuitive interface. All Marathon Bluetooth enabled clocks automatically set the correct time and date by pairing with our free companion App installed on your iOS or Android device. The Marathon Clock System App allows the user to connect and control up to 5 clocks, while providing an array of valuable information intuitively laid out in a visually appealing, user-friendly design.


    From the Marathon Clock System App, users have full control over 5 separate alarms. Each alarm can be configured to sound on specific days of the week. You can choose between 5 different alarm tones and 3 volume levels: Low, Med and High. With this kind of functionality, parents can easily ensure their children’s alarms are set to go off each weekday morning for school, right from their iOS or Android device. The Marathon Clock System App also makes it possible for users to set and control alarms on wall-mounted clocks in office or classroom settings without having to remove the unit from the wall.


    Each Marathon Bluetooth clock is equipped with sensors to measure temperature and humidity in the surrounding area. Within the Marathon Clock System App, historical data points are simply laid out in a daily graph allowing the user to monitor comfort levels. Whether you want to ensure your house is being heated evenly from room to room, or check to ensure the humidity level in your nursery is at an ideal level, the information is available at the tap of a finger.


    Utilizing the Marathon Clock System App, users can easily set a countdown timer to be displayed on the clock’s highly legible display. Similar to the alarm function, you can choose between 5 alarm tones and 3 volume levels. The timer function is excellent in office or classroom settings where the time needs to be visible to multiple people. It is also helpful and convenient for multiple uses in the home, such as timing your favorite baked goods in the oven or limiting the screen time of the gamer in your household.


    Users can easily choose and alter the configuration of their Marathon Bluetooth Clock display from within the Marathon Clock System App. You can choose the traditional display layout with the large, main digits showing the time with day and date displayed at the bottom, the date enlarged with day and year at the bottom or temperature and humidity with day and time at the bottom. If you cannot decide which display option you prefer, not to worry. You can easily enable the auto-scrolling function, which cycles through all of the display options allowing the user to easily view all available information.


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