Authentic Military Heritage with Modern Military Design
Designed in Canada ~ Made in Switzerland
Est. 1939

The company that was to become Marathon Watch was founded in 1904 as Weinstrum Watch, later to be named Wein Brothers. In 1939, Morris Wein founded Marathon Watch, supplying fine precision timepieces throughout North America. Since 1941, Marathon has been manufacturing timing instruments for the Allied Forces, and today the fourth generation of the family continues the tradition with a wide range of instruments measuring time, temperature and distance. Marathon watches combine military durability with Swiss engineering and craftsmanship to ensure the highest level of quality and precision. Marathon products are manufactured with the utmost care and go through various quality control measures. This attention to quality is supported by a commitment to excellent customer support to ensure the best possible product experience.

black and white photo of the Wein family: the father sitting holding a baby and the oldest son's hand on his shoulder, the mother standing with a fan, two toddlers at her feet, and three young girls sitting to the left of her

The Wein Family

This family photo was taken in 1892. Hirsch Wein is seated and on his lap is Morris Wein at approximately one year old

black and white photo of Morris Wein with his left hand on his cheek

Morris Wein


color photo of Leon Wein sitting behind a desk in a suit and tie

Leon Wein


color photo of Mitchell Wein in a black suit without a tie

Mitchell Wein


three individuals from above, sitting at a blue table collaborating

From left:
Martin Cohen (Sales Director)
Mitchell Wein (Vice President)
Nathalie Huguenin (Swiss Administrator)

man in a lab coat standing next to a table with watchmaking instruments

Jean- Maurice Huguenin
(Head of Watch Manufacturing)
La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland


Historical Advertisements

black and white ad: 'Proudly Presenting the most modern watch of the day' above images of three watches
black and white ad: 'Marathon Feature Watches for Men' above images of five watches and three watch bands
black and white ad: 'Nurses, Nuns and Pocket Watches' next to images of seven watches, both wrist and pocket
black and white ad: 'Different Kinds of Practical Watches for Men and Women. Marathon: Best in the long run' next to images of seven watches, both wrist and pocket
black and white ad: 'Switzerland's Finest Contribution to Men's Watches' next to images of nine watches


Jumbo Diver's Quartz (JSAR) No Government Markings - 46mm - marathonwatch

Jumbo Diver's Quartz (JSAR) - 46mm

$1,300.00 USD
Medium Diver's Automatic (MSAR Auto) No Government Markings - 36mm - marathonwatch

Medium Diver's Automatic (MSAR Auto) - 36mm

$900.00 USD
Arctic Edition Large Diver's Automatic (GSAR) - 41mm - marathonwatch

Arctic Edition Large Diver's Automatic (GSAR) - 41mm

$1,300.00 USD