Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets is a military grade cover that is Canadian Government Issued.

  • Low-weight, low-bulk blanket made of heat-reflective thin plastic sheeting
  • Lightweight design to reflect and maintains 90% of a person's body temperature
  • Reduces the heat loss in a body which would otherwise occur due to thermal radiation and post accident shock
  • Its compact size and low-weight is spacing makes in a camp bag, hiking supplies, and travel
  • Perfect for your roadside emergency kit, include in a first aid kits, and disaster preparedness, camping supplies
  • Lost campers and hikers have an additional possible benefit: the metallic surface appearance flashes in the sun, allowing use as an improvised distress beacon for searchers
  • Blanket can be used as a tarp, ground cover, sleeping bag liner or reflector and other emergency situations
  • Weather resistant protection from the rain, heat, humidity, and snow in various weather conditions such as cold weather conditions