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This easy to use timer has been manufactured by Marathon Watch Company for over 25 years and is considered one of the most reliable and durable timers in the industry. This timer is wedge shaped for table top and laboratory use. It uses one AA battery that comes included. The digital display is large (2 inch diagonal) and the large buttons are made of rubber. Timer can easily be washed down and used constantly. It has a 24 hour capacity and it counts down in 1 second increments ; once the timer reaches zero, it will beep loudly for one minute and start to count up so you can see how much time has elapsed. This timer is ideal for long cooking recipes such as roasts or experiments which take long periods of time. In addition to the timing features, there is a memory button where you can easily program a special time that you always use (for example: 22 minutes for your favorite cookie recipe). When the timer is not in use, you can use the timer as a clock. If you would like, this timer has a special “Count-up” mode where you can push the start button when in “Count-up” mode and it will start counting up in 1 second intervals-just like a simple stopwatch. This timer is reliable, easy to use, has a large case with a large display and large rubber buttons. Bottom is non-slip for stability and surface protection.


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