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1/1000 Second Accuracy Stopwatch


  • CHRONOGRAPH: 1/1000 second resolution.
  • SPLIT MODE: Times single and split events. Freeze split-time display while total timing continues.
  • SEGMENT AND RECALL MEMORY: Unit can store up to a total of 200 segments and 999 laps.
  • LANYARD INCLUDED: Includes 46″ black lanyard (neck strap).

    This Marathon stopwatch is perfect for professional coaching and sporting events. It has a 1/1000 second accuracy with an ability to store up to 200 segments and 999 laps. Displays the total time, maximum lap time, minimum lap time and average lap time for each segment. Users can edit Frequency stroke count from 1 to 60 and value range from 0.0 to 9999.9 (times per minute). It is also water resistant and has an EL backlight.


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