Watch Maintenance & Repair Services

ATTENTION: Please be advised that at this time we cannot accept watches for repair or service. Please send your request with the link below for additional information on timeline for outstanding requests, as well as new service orders.

CategoryModelBasic ServiceComplete Service
Manual WindWW194003 General Purpose Mechanical aka GPM, WW194003SS-BEN General Purpose Mechanical – Stainless Steel LE aka GPM SS Benrus$75 USD$150 USD
Automatic WindWW194006 Diver’s Automatic aka GSAR, SAR, SAR-D, MSAR, WW194006USMC Diver’s Automatic with USMC, WW194026 Diver’s Automatic Medium aka Mini GSAR$138 USD$275 USD
Automatic With Day & DateWW194021 Large Bilingual Diver’s Automatic with Day & Date aka JDD$145 USD$290 USD
ChronographWW194014 Chronograph Pilot aka CSAR$225 USD$450 USD
Watches older than 2006Contact Us

Basic Maintenance Service Includes:
• Movement calibration.
• Replacement of inner gaskets.
• Water and pressure resistance testing in line with model specifications.
• Crystal glue checked and renewed if needed.
• All bracelet screws checked and fixed with nut lock if needed.
• Spring bars checked and replaced if damaged or unusable.

Complete Maintenance Service Includes:
• Disassemble the watch case (crown, case back, pushers and case tube.)
• Disassemble the dial and the hands from the movement.
• Disassemble the movement into its individual parts.
• Full inspection of all components,
• Clean all movement parts.
• Inspect and replace any worn out or damaged movement parts.
• Assemble and lubricate the movement in accordance with original specification.
• Clean watch case and strap/bracelet.
• Inspect, renew or replace gasket seals.
• Checking of the functions of the movement.
• Complete assembly and final inspection.
• Water and pressure resistance testing in line with model specifications.
• Full testing of functions accuracy and power reserve over several days.
• Twelve-month warranty on workmanship.