Laboratory Sample Bag/Biohazard Specimen Bag with Outside Pocket - Hospital Grade

SKU: MD030196-50PK

$20.00 USD
  • TRANSPARENT DESIGN: Biohazard specimen bags are clear with orange and black print.
  • EASY TO USE: Unique 2-bag design combines zipper bag and separate attached document pouch. Includes an easy-open tear line when resealing is not required.
  • SECURE PACKAGE: Prevents paperwork contamination. Keeps documents with specimen (prevents lost documents).
  • APPROVED & CERTIFIED: Protects health care workers from specimen leaks. Comes with universal biohazard symbol printed.
  • OTHER FEATURES: Bags are 6” x 9”and come in a pack of 500, great for schools, hospitals, offices and industrial facilities.

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1. MATERIAL: Polyethylene
2. SIZE:  6" x (9"+ 8")
3. THICKNESS: 2 mil
4. ITEM WEIGHT: 14.5 ounces
5. FOUR (4) LAYERS: For additonal leak resistance
6. ZIP-LOCK: For re-sealable, resuseable with document pouch
7. CERTIFIED: Universal biohazard symbol printed
8. BILINGUAL TEXT: English & French is required by law 
  under the Medical Device Act of Canada

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