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Zoom Emergency Mylar Space Sleeping Bag (36" x 84")
Zoom Emergency Mylar Space Sleeping Bag (36" x 84")

Emergency Mylar Space Sleeping Bag (36" x 84")

$10.00 USD

  • RETAINS & REFLECTS BODY HEAT - Retains 90% of body heat. Keeps you warm by reflecting most of your radiated body heat.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE - Lightweight reusable shelter folds small for easy hiking, camping, backpacking, or vehicle transport.
  • WEATHERPROOF - Complete thermal protection from rain, heat, humidity, snow, wind and any other weather conditions.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE - Uses are nearly limitless: use as tent footprint, rain poncho, emergency signal, emergency shelter, ground cover, wind blocker, water collector, snow melt container etc.
  • SIZE - 84" long by 36" wide (213 cm x 91 cm) when opened and spread out

Emergency Mylar Space Sleeping Bag is great for providing you emergency protection for any weather condition.

-The insulated thermal shelter cover help you to retain 90% of your body heat
-Designed to provide you emergency protection like hypothermia for any weather condition
-Real life saver in many adverse situations and different weather conditions
-Roadside emergency kit if your car breaks down in cold weather
-Include in a first aid kits, disaster preparedness, camping supplies
-Campers and hikers to include as an added safety blanket
-Lightweight and convenient emergency sleeping bag
-Durable insulating Mylar material designed by NASA is state of the art
-Weather proof, waterproof in the rain, snow, hail, heat, humidity etc.
-Can be used by itself or in conjunction with a regular sleeping bag (inside or over)
-Sleeping bag can be used as a tarp, ground cover, blanket or reflector and other emergency situations
-84 in long by 36 in wide (213 cm x 91 cm)


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Emergency Mylar Space Sleeping Bag (36" x 84")

$10.00 USD


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